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Cafeteria Campus Freudenberg FME

The refectory and cafeteria on the Freudenberg campus isn’t just a major meeting place for communications technology, printing, electrical engineering and IT students, it’s also popular with participants at the seminars held in the new lecture theatre centre and visitors to the nearby hotel.

This former officers’ mess has now been redesigned into an architecturally attractive restaurant with modern free-flow service, attractive dining area and a large outdoor patio with an appealing south west aspect.

Breakfast is served here from 8.00 am onwards.
Lunch, served from 11.30 to 14.00 hrs is also very popular.

A choice of three meals is offered each day as well as a varied selection of grilled foods.
Our specialty coffees, cakes, cold drinks, dairy products and sweets are perennially popular. 

In dieser Einrichtung können Sie schon heute etwas Gutes für die Umwelt tun!
Wir bieten hier VYTAL an, alle Informationen dazu finden Sie hier.

Bergische Universität Mensa
Campus Freudenberg
Building FME
Rainer-Gruenter-Str. 21
42119 Wuppertal

Map of campus

Opening hours:

During semester:

Mo - Th: 7.45 - 15.45 h
Fr: 7.45 - 14.45 h

During semester holiday:

Mo - Th: 7.45 - 15.15 h
Fr: 7.45 - 14.45 h