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Kaffeebar "ins grüne"

In your break or before your lectures looking after nourishment for your nervs this little cafeteria with the bar of cut birch-tree slices will be the first anchor point for around 1.500 students in the new lecture hall complex at Gaußstr. Here you find refreshing fair traded speciality coffees and in a barrista quality, bio-rolls of one of the best bakeries of Germany, as well as donuts, bagles, muffins, cookies, soft pretzel, salad cups as well as soft drinks, milk, cacao and tea.

All furniture and consumable items for the Kaffeebar “ins grüne” are of sustainable and recyclable material. The Kaffeebar-concept was developed by the umbrella organization for the 58 social affairs organisations in Germany – Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) – together with one of the big coffe roasters in Hamburg.

After Göttingen and Greifswald the third Kaffeebar “ins grüne” started nationwide at the Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal. Director Fritz Berger: “Studies are no bed of roses today. So it is even more important to have little oases in the hectic every day study life. We believe to have added a wellness area with “ins grüne” where students can recreate. This is an important prerequisite for studying.”

Kaffeebar „ins grüne“
Gebäude K
Gaußstr. 20
42097 Wuppertal


Während des Semesters:

Mo - Do: 7.45 - 17.30 Uhr
Fr: 7.45 - 15.45 Uhr

Semesterferien: Bitte entnehmen Sie die Öffnungszeiten dem Aushang an der Kaffeebar.