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Housing for help exchange service

House and flat owners 

Everyone & anyone who can provide free housing in exchange for a helping hand with his/her household, and who would be happy to share their home with a university student.

People who look for housing 
Bergische Universität Wuppertal or University for Music students or students of Kirchliche Hochschule looking for affordable housing in a private household in exchange for helping out with that household`s needs.

You can help with 

  • household or garden chores
  • caring for children 

  • accompanying or picking up children from school or kindergarten 

  • caring for pets

  • doing small household repairs or mantenance works 

  • helping with the computer

  • accompanying to official authorities

  • helping household members to learn foreign language(s) 

  • house or appartment sitting

  • providing companionship

  • accompanying a household member to a cultural events


You can make your own individual arrangements, (providing nursing care is not an option).

We recommend two simple models:

1 qm = 1 hour help / per month
Example #1 :  20 sqm rented space and 10 hours of help - plus the student pays half the contracted rent

50% rent / 50% hours of help
Example#2:  The room rental is 320 € per month. The student pays half the rent = 160 € and offers 4 hours help per week - means 16 hours per month.

Both partners agree on rules of living and working together, and sign a common contract.
All details to be agreed and signed upon before beginning the arrangement.


Mrs. Stephanie Rappenecker 
Phone: 0202 - 430 40 460 
e-Mail: wfh(at)